Technical & Engineered Fabric Products

The AR Tech division of A&R Tarpaulins Inc. is an ISO9001:2015 & AS9100D registered manufacturer of technical & engineered fabric products, collaboratively designed, engineered, and manufactured for technical and aerospace applications. Our products and services include: EMI magnetic shielding covers, PLF (Payload Fairing) Acoustic Blankets, MLI (Multilayer Insulation) blankets, static dissipative, anti-static and conductive space flight hardware assemblies.

AR Tech also supplies ground control and logistic support products and services such as: space vehicle and equipment protective covers, security enclosures and other similar products for technical, industrial and commercial applications.

AR Tech continues to pursue opportunities for technical products with aerospace and other companies requiring special approaches which can be addressed through fabric solutions. We continue to be committed to meeting the needs for technical fabric products for aerospace applications and also for medical, insulation, protective and safety applications.

Technical & Engineered Fabric Applications

Examples of some of the products manufactured for technical applications include:

  • Payload Fairing Blankets used to protect satellites during launches.
  • EMI Shielding (Electro Magnetic Interference) Barriers for security as well as protective barriers and cable covers.
  • Engineered and designed protective enclosures for the space launch sites at Vandenberg Air Force Base and Cape Canaveral.
  • MLI (Multi-layer) and SLI (Single-layer) Insulation blankets for cryogenic stages of space launch vehicles.
  • Protective covers for Titan IV and Atlas Space Launch Vehicles during over-the-road transportation.
  • A carbon-Teflon room enclosure for the launch site at Vandenberg Air Force Base
  • An Insulation enclosure for the over-the-road transport of the U.S Space Station components.
  • Fabric Air Ducts for aircraft assembly ventilation and general HVAC applications.

Many of the international achievement awards received by AR Tech over the years have been for these technical projects, some samples of which can be seen in our photo galleries. Please contact us today to learn more.