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Custom Hardware Protection Pad

Engineered Covers

AR Tech works with mechanical engineers who, along with our in-house staff of project managers and production staff, have decades of experience in collaborating and developing engineered protective covers for technical and commercial applications. The high quality of experience and skills of our staff is reflected in the diversity of our entire product line ranging from the mats used in mixed martial arts events to protection of classified applicationsfor our aerospace customers.

Pictured is one of our award-winning projects: a circular envelop protection pad which is a distinctive three layer fabricated cover. Its unique contour is shaped to fit tightly on a highly sensitive metalized hardware for protection prior to spaceflight. The outside layers are made out of a laminated fabric that is flame retardant, tear resistant, impermeable, versatile, and ultraviolet resistant. There is an inner layer of 2” thick closed-cell poron-based foam used to further insulate the cover for protection. Its shape and orientation makes this cover one of our most inimitable customized products.