Residential Awning

Traditional Fixed Sunbrella® Awning

Residential Awnings

Sunbrella® Fixed Traditional Awnings

Residential Awnings

Currently A&R offers only retractable awnings/canopies and drop shades for residential customers.

AR Industries’ retractable awnings provide shade whenever you want or need it. Either manually operated or electrically controlled with the push of a button, shade is easily and quickly created.

A&R is especially excited to be providing residential awnings because we know that once our products keep direct sunlight off your windows you will feel the difference in the cooling of your home, the protection of your interiors and your lower A/C and electric bills.

Take a few minutes to watch a new launched video on the advantages of having an awning in your home.

Please Contact us and we can come out to discuss your requirements, collaborate with you to provide custom designed options, and give you a free estimate for your home.

Retractable awnings are a popular choice for shade requirements. They can be motorized, manually operated or both. Motorized solutions can be operated via remote control or with a wall switch. Similarly, we can also provide vertical drop screens that can also be manually operated or motorized.

Many customers think that polarized windows, window tinting, double panel windows, shutters, curtains, blinds, drapers and others will solve their high air conditioning costs. Though these items might help, they all block the sun’s rays only after the sun’s rays have hit the glass and/or passed your windows. The real solution is to prevent the sun’s rays from hitting your window which magnify the heat. By being installed on the exterior of your windows, awnings (retractable or fixed) and vertical drop screens help do this very thing.

For our products that require sewing, we use Tenara® thread, which does not mold, rot or get damaged by U.V. rays like traditional thread.


A&R exclusively uses the materials of the highest quality. In addition to the material manufacturer's warranty, we offer an industry standard one year warranty beginning upon the completion date of installation on A&R's original custom manufacturing and installation workmanship.

This warranty covers only defects originating in A&R's custom manufactured products including materials (fabric & metal) and workmanship (manufacture & installation). Therefore, what is NOT covered by this warranty would include, but not be limited to, damage caused by external forces to the product, misuse of the product, and internal failure of the existing structure to support the installed fabric based product.

State of California CSLB License # 715211