Architectural Fabric Products for All Applications

Outdoor spaces are excellent opportunities for expansion in residential and commercial locations. Fabric shade products offer protection against UV rays and unfavorable weather conditions while increasing useable outdoor space in homes and businesses. In collaboration with our clients, we provide design support, custom solutions and repair, and installation services with ISO9001:2008 quality certifications for architectural fabric products, including awnings, canopies, shade sails and structures, and curtain systems.


A great way to provide shade and temperature control, awnings can help keep energy costs down by blocking direct heat in warmer conditions. We provide fixed awnings for commercial businesses and retractable awnings for residences. Our awnings utilize stylish and high-performance Sunbrella® fabrics, including fire-retardant options, providing aesthetic value and protective characteristics for awnings in commercial businesses and homes.


We offer a range of canopies, including permanent and portable canopies, retractable patio canopies, as well as retractable drop shades and canopies for homes. Canopies provide shade so residences can expand the utilization of their outdoor spaces and increase aesthetic value. With commercial canopies, businesses can take advantage of outdoor spaces for storing equipment and workspace, as canopies provide adequate protection against challenging environmental factors.

Shade Sails & Shade Structures

A&R is a custom shade sails and structures manufacturer that can design, repair, and install shade assemblies. We provide solutions for residential and commercial locations to unlock the full potential of your outdoor spaces.  Commercial shade sails are custom-built to increase the efficiency and profitability of the property, whereas residential shade structures create more pleasant outdoor living spaces.

Curtain Systems

Curtain enclosures and systems can provide reliable protection against unfavorable environments, offer privacy, and create storage solutions. We manufacture exterior curtain systems for homes and commercial businesses. Residential curtain systems are great for privacy and protection against the elements, while commercial curtain systems offer businesses expanded outdoor storage and work areas.

Repairs & Installation for Architectural Fabric Products

Most architectural fabric products experience constant exposure to environmental factors that may cause damage over time, and maintaining architectural fabric products is paramount to their performance and longevity.

We offer repairs for commercial and residential architectural solutions, with no cost and no obligation assessments of the area and project to determine your needs. Our repair capabilities cover awnings, canopies, and shade structures, including awning re-covers and repairs for awnings made by other manufacturers.

We additionally provide installation services for awnings, canopies, and shade structures for residential and commercial fabric products. Aside from A&R-manufactured solutions, we are an authorized dealer of many trusted, retractable awning brands, such as Durasol® and Rainier®.

Discover Top-Quality Residential & Commercial Architectural Fabric Products from A&R

At A&R Tarpaulins, residential and commercial architectural fabric products are built to suit your needs. We provide awnings, canopies, shade sails and structures, and curtain systems for added protection, style, and privacy. Our architectural offerings allow you to expand your outdoor space comfortably while addressing potential environmental challenges. Our expert team also provides installation and repair services to ensure the performance of your outdoor fabric products. Contact A&R to go over any questions you may have or request a quote to get started.

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