Multilayer Insulation, EMI Shielding & More

AR Tech manufactures fabric and foam batting insulation assemblies supporting our customer's designs for commercial and technical applications, addressing the need for thermal and acoustical requirements. AR Tech began providing acoustical insulation blankets in the 1980’s and providing noise mitigation acoustical curtains during the same period of time and container to do so to meet these needs.

The new generation of insulation can be discussed on many levels. Our definition of Insulation is the act of protecting something by surrounding it with material that reduces or prevents the transmission of sound or heat or electricity. Insulation itself can be used for EMI shielding, and or EMI Shielding products.

The term thermal insulation can refer either to materials used to reduce the rate of heat transfer, or the methods and processes used to reduce heat transfer

We currently manufacture acoustic insulation to help diminish sound energy that passes through its surface.

Multilayer Insulation Blankets

Insulators can be made from just one layer or multi layers of fabric (Also known as a Multilayer Insulation Blankets or MLIs), they can have foam or batting inside depending on their applications and the customer requirements.

There are endless concepts for Insulation designs. Please contact us for more information.

 Multi Layer Insulation Blanket

Multi-Layer Insulation (MLI)

 Insulation Blanket Assembly

Production Staff Assembling Insulation Blankets in one of our clean rooms

 EMI Enclosure

Electro-Magnetic Interference Enclosure