Why Cheap Awnings Cost More in the Long Run

 Awnings are an investment and buying the right one means doing your research, your due diligence, and knowing that cheap isn’t always best. Quality awnings are a little pricier, but they are worth every penny and will save you in the long run.

 First of all, some of the “cheap” awnings are sold in big box stores or through infomercials on TV, and do not include installation.  Most reputable awning companies will not install those awnings because when they predictably have problems, the installer does not want to get into a discussion of whether the problem is the awning or the installation.

 Further, cheap awnings typically use textiles and materials that aren’t top notch. What does this mean? Why should you care? Well, first, the main components of an awning are its specialty fabrics and its frame. If you choose a cheaper quality awning, your textile probably isn’t the type that is backed by guarantees, that can withstand tougher abuse and use, or block out the sun’s harmful UV Rays. The fabric is also probably more susceptible to tearing, mold, and ripping. The seams also may not be as strong. Some cheaper quality awnings also use materials for the frame that aren’t as durable. This means the frame can crack, rust, chip, or break faster.

 So, why should this all matter? After all, you’re saving that extra buck right now! Well, here’s what you should know. Repairs are required more frequently with cheap awnings. Sometimes, repairs are not possible, and you end up needing a whole new one! (So, basically, in the long run, you will spend more than what you would have if you bought a quality awning to begin with).

Quality Awnings We've Made Include the Below Pictures:


Cheap awnings cost more in the long run because of the constant maintenance and repairs. With a quality awning, you have peace of mind that your frame and fabric are backed with guarantees and will last. So, remember, a cheap awning:


  • Requires more repairs.
  • Can break faster.
  • Are typically not backed by warranties or guarantees; or if they are, those are short term periods.
  • Have cheap fabrics which means your textile may not be blocking out as much sunlight, uv rays, or heat.
  • Can rip, tear, or be damaged faster or more easily.

Remember, saving a few hundred right now will cost you hundreds more in the long run…

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