September 2018 
Mine Sweeper Enclosures: U.S. Navy Project
By Bud Weisbart
Most of us are aware that the US Navy actively employs mine sweepers to protect ships as they sail through suspicious areas of the ocean, but do we know how they accomplish this purpose? Several years ago, the U.S. Navy approached AR Tech to help them solve a problem: they needed an enclosure that would protect the electronics in their fleet of mine sweepers when the equipment was used under water. The assembly is called a Hawse Pipe.
A&R was able to develop a bellows assembly that was leak proof and would retract to the appropriate size and extend to the minimum required 12’ length. The bellows design created an internal space for the electronic equipment and used a series of A&R’s heavy-duty coated vinyl material. The cover was sewn and then heat-sealed to the vinyl over the stitching.
Navy personnel tested the assembly under water and the Hawse Pipe passed with no leakage and exceeded the minimum requirement. We completed the first Hawse Pipe assembly for the Navy in 2000. Eighteen years later, we’re still providing replacement orders for our Hawse Pipe creation to the Navy. In fact, we’re going to ship two out this week. (September 2018).
The Hawse Pipe project is just one of many and various engineered products and services we provide to the military, aerospace, and other industries. For more information about what we do visit us at