APRIL 2017

Part 2 of 3 in a Series of Articles

By Bud Weisbart 


In a previous column titled “WHAT ARE WE? Our Noble Industry,” I described what I consider to be the nobility of our industry and the degree to which we pursue what we bring to the market place through entrepreneurial approaches to business in our industry.

The first step in identifying what we can be is to begin to see the areas in our society in which we are currently providing value, but which often go unnoticed even by those of us who share a common interest in the Specialty Fabrics Industry.  So the degree to which we open our eyes to the areas in which specialty fabrics have been and are being applied, opens up our minds and perceptions to what we can possibly pursue as a part of our role in society’s “value equation.”

My definition of entrepreneur in that previous column was based on building upon the core competencies we have developed in our lives and in our businesses. This definition allows us to identify what legitimizes our role in the value equation. Sometimes opening our eyes to the broader environment in which fabrics and fabric products have been applied is identifiable through our partnerships with our supplier base that develops the resources which allow us to address those needs: fabrics providing shade to allow awnings to keep structures cooler in the summer, or provide comfort for outdoor events, or keep school children away from harmful UV rays, as a few of many examples.

However, during my past 38 years in our industry, what I have found that most often identifies how our company’s core competencies can provide this value is through those who have walked through our door with needs that they didn’t even know fabrics and fabric products could address. 

It was early on in my company that this "solution-provider" concept occurred for me as we were approached by a hay farmer who needed to provide protection for his stacks of hay in order that the rain (yes, at that time in 1978 we had rain in California) would not soak into his hay and create mildew and mold, thus ruining it. It was at that time we opened our minds to what we needed to be about: addressing vital requirements for potential customers that were driven by their identification of what they need and our understanding of how we could address what they need. So we developed a slogan that stays with us to this day: “Fabric Solutions – Quality Driven.”

But that is not just a slogan for our company,  that is what I think of as what our industry is all about as well. Let’s think of that when the next opportunity walks through our door, or today more likely, contacts us through our website.



AR Industries is proud to showcase our custom made West Valley Water District water basin cover. WVWD's requirements called for a cover that could provide breathability, keep foreign objects out, have a shade factor greater than 80% and have ladder access to the overflow tank for maintenance. The existing mesh shade cover that was attached inside the tank was not meeting WVWD's current requirements.




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